Photography is poetry written with light on a shadowed canvas of human emotions.
It's not about gear, lenses and technical aspects. It's everything You see, everything You feel and everything You want to remember. I think it's all about beig yourself and creating a story or tell a story You want to tell about people. That's what I do.

Photographs are just images, but images that affect us emotionally. Images force us to see the world in a different way. In my work love to explore. Places. People. Emotions between them. I love to find those little moments between other moments. Remember them and watch for world respond.

Why monochrome? Because it's timeless. Because that's the way I want to tell a story.
Black and white images help us to concentrate about core of the scene. It's avoiding distractions.
It looks beautiful on fine-art paper I print Your story. It looks amazing in book.
It's also beacuse that's not to easy to make a good and interesting black and white image.
And I like challenges. A lot.

I'm inspired by movies like Ida orz Cold War by Pawel Pawlikowski.
Noir movies, Stanley Kubrick, Jim Jarmush. All of those artists are perfect storytellers and image magicians.

who am i

If You're here I think - a photographer You search for. Hi. You just find me.

Street photographer for years. Award nominated in lot of comeptitions like Grand Press Photo, BZWBK Press Photo or Monovisions. Everyday shooting give me an oportunity to train my instinct and perspective. As press photographer I understand very well that some moments are unrepeatable and must be captured - here and now!
If You like to see some of my documentary shots take a look at @eyeofthewatcher instagram account

woods on a seaside
hide and seek
session on majorca
mirrors everywhere in paris
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